1. Jason that was an awesome slider..that jalapeno jam put it over the edge.a very nice cook..I just made some turkey burgers with roasted poblano chilies and everyone loved them.turkey is a great meat it just needs a little extra seasoning.  

  2. Why don't large fast food chains have burgers that look this good? Jason, you need to build a franchise dude.

  3. Hi Chef, I don`t know what it`s called, but this was one of the meals my dad made that we were brought up on-

    ground beef
    cubed potatoes
    olive oil
    salt, pepper and Gulden`s mustard

    Sauté ground beef, potato in a dutch oven or high sided black iron pan that has a tight fitting lid in a little oil till taters are tender. Add a little of the water. On low heat, cook till the juices start to thicken. Add salt, pepper and mustard to taste. Cover and simmer till the sauce thickens. Add more mustard and seasonings if needed. Probably tastes better the next day.

  4. These look amazing! Going to have to give these a try(and the jalepeno jam)! Cheers from a fellow Californian! 😀

  5. Man I could go for just eating huge junks of that blue cheese right now.  That stuff is additive like crack.  yes crack cocaine


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