1. Greg, I've been following you for years, honestly I think you're making the best burgers in YT. It's amazing you can share this with the world, you make a lot of people happy.

    Keep doin it great!
    From a Spanish guy in Germany

  2. I watched it the second time now, and I think they use tenderloin, because of bun. There's almost no place for meat juice to soak in. Personally I have nothing against a lean meat burgers, if grilled properly they are really juicy, and healthier because of lower fat content 😉

  3. This was a great video and I can't wait to try this burger. The removing of the inside from the brioche was what I have been doing with these buns since I have been using them. I think that too much bread on a good burger is a sin. Great work Greg, Keep it up.

  4. Hello everyone
    I am Swagimir. I am very happy for this video. Greg you made perfect burger. Also i think your burger more delicious. Keep doing your best Greg👍

  5. looks great and i love the way you try to analyse contents. question about taste: did it pay off that you use the "high-budged-version" tenderloin and rib-eye?

  6. i would have stuffed it with the cheddar then put blue cheese crumbles on top. also put a ton of A-1 all over it. in the grind, basted during cooking then drizzled on top. ideal burger.

  7. I cook almost exclusively wild game as I have enough venison after every fall/winter to sustain our family for a year. I would love to see you do a wild red meat of some kind Greg and get your take.

  8. Hollowing out the bun makes way more sense than I would have realized. Great cinematography yet again, minus a few jump cuts. 😉


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