1. Eh… not a bad looking sandwich, but not something you can really label as an "authentic" patty melt.

    1 – Should just be 1 beef patty, not 2. Given that your initial patties looked to be right right size and shape, and there was so much liquid in the pan, I am guessing you just used cheap meat that was packed full of water for added weight, thus the patties shrunk a ton and you had to use 2 to make 1 sandwich. So… I'll just assume this one wasn't entirely your bad. =)

    2 – Should have used swiss cheese instead of american… or at least a white cheddar to try and keep up the proper appearance of a white swiss cheese.

    3 – You didn't add the traditional thousand island dressing to the sandwich, which is part of what makes a patty melt, a patty melt.

  2. Your making me hungry! I love patty melts, and I agree with John! Looks much better than the Waffle House melts! Loving you video effects too!


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