1. Nice. I haven't starting cooking yet (Well, kind of, if you count making scrambled eggs :P) But my main fears of cookind is either burning down the house, making bad food, or getting salmonella from my bad cooking (not cooking the meat right)

  2. Maybe you should mention the fact that farmed turkeys usually contain a lot of antibiotics and other bad stuff instead of proclaiming it to be the picture of health which it is not…

  3. Loving these cooking shows!!  That lasagna recipe was incredible with the bolognese, and now I'm stoked to try these burgers.

  4. Made this sauce with veganaise (no I'm not vegan, just allergic to certain animal stuff & it's not as fatty) and it was great

  5. i substitute ground turkey for ground beef,  season it up, and use it with hamburger helper, can't tell the difference, except i sleep like a baby after eating it!

  6. I made this recipe today and it was delicious!…. Very unique flavor for a burger especially with the yogurt chipotle sauce… It was a big hit! i will definitely be making them again! I need to practice tho.. im still rather new to cooking so i overcooked the patties.  Im paranoid when it comes to cooking meat.

  7. Maybe you should put the ground pepper in the raw burger mix, instead of on top. Black pepper burns fairly quickly in a hot pan.


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