Maple Chipotle BBQ Rub | All Natural Handcrafted Barbeque Spice made with Paprika, Organic Maple Sugar, Rosemary and other Spices (3 oz)

  • Real New England maple sugar combined with chipotle peppers from New Mexico blended with southwest spices to create that unique barbecue flavor.
  • This rub is excellent on ribs, chicken, homefires, popcorn, burgers, beans.
  • No Artificial Ingredients, No Preservatives, Silica, Fillers and Anti-caking agents.
  • Mix this with a little olive oil and make this a mop! Also mix with bread crumbs and make a great breading for fish.
  • Product of Maine, USA
Beast Feast Maine started in 2007 with the concept of holding an annual wild game supper for sportsman and outdoor enthusiasts as a men's Christian outreach. I created a honey ginger sauce to enhance the flavour of wild duck and from there I started getting requests for it. As its popularity grew, I started producing more sauces for various wild game meats and fish. I started promoting the sauces for wild meats but as it gained popularity, and feedback was so positive for other meats, I then sta



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