1. If you're making a burger, you're using a thick patty, and you're using a thick bottom bun and a dome shaped bun making it look like a nuclear explosion.

    You're Doing It All Wrong.

  2. The French people I know are obsessed with cheese, bread, and wine. Not burgers. Apparently they know fuck all about burgers, even the highly trained and educated ones.

  3. Don't add all that shit into the burger wtf. Salt and pepper seasoned on both sides of the patty is all you need. And where's the cheese? And pineapple and pesto with a burger? As Beetlejuice would say, "I don't think so pal"

  4. I thought hamburgers originated in Germany. I don't think all these fancy ingredients are necessary for a good burger. I think well seasoned ground beef is the basis for any good burger. You don't need to add ingredients like herbs and mushrooms if you don't want to. I don't think any average joe can afford Kobe beef anyway. I heard that Kobe Beef is rather pricey.


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