1. I'm not a vegan bit I love different healthy foods and my daughter have a long list of allergies so it's alot of things that I make special for her so I subscribed .well my daughter is three and she saw this video with me she said oh mommy I like sticky rice can you make that for me. lol she also likes mushrooms. yes a three ur who likes mushrooms. 🙂 what can I use to substitute the soy sauce. she is allergic soy and fish sauce gluten and a bunch more. I usually use balsamic vinegar for things that call for soy sauce. will it work for that?

  2. That looks so good =O I love sticky rice so much but I've never really made it without my family helping me haha… You make it look so good and easy =)

  3. Since falling in love with so many of your vegan burger recipes I invested in a burger press which can also be used to mold bigger cookies   As for store bought vegetable liquor. It's easy to make. All you do is make a vegetable stock then lower the heat and allowed to reduce by at least half.  I put in a Mason jar and store in the refrigerator for a few weeks.


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