1. I'd eat it. Everything I ever had at a restaurant was never as spicy as anyone claimed. I accept the challenge. I'll bring the sriracha when I hit Cali again. 😉

  2. Peppers contain a high oil content, When drinking water your actually making it worse because you are dispersing the oils all around your mouth making the burning sensation even worse.

  3. Plays tough until he has horrible stomach cramps and some not so gentle bowel movements. Enjoying dealing with salsa shits….


  4. Hi, there's a little something called the video description underneath the actual video. Perhaps you might have heard of it?

  5. It's called the 50 Alarm Burger, and it's from Southern California burger chain Slater's 50/50. The burger features a signature fire beef patty, lined with ghost chilies, topped with sliced jalapenos, an ultra-spicy "three-alarm" Colby Jack cheese, beer battered habanero poppers and a ghost chili bacon spread on a tame brioche bun.


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