1. Ah – I was hoping Tach Time was to do with how Tachyons experience time where they see the universe getting smaller as it youthens towards the big bang – truly the Melin of quantum particles- in fact like him, they probably don't exist. 🙂

  2. And people wish to watch this? Informative or funny, this was neither. Cringeworthy; oh yes, yes indeed it was.

  3. As an aviation professional, I want to point out that slower is often NOT safer in flying.
    You can reach a stall (of the wing, in aviation the engine isn't what you worry about stalling) at speeds significantly above the nominal stall speed if you are climbing or maneuvering.
    Slight oversimplification, but the upshot is, as long as you aren't going faster than the aircraft's structure and aerodynamics can handle, high and fast is safe, low and slow is dangerous.

  4. What is a ferrous pet rock held dear by a North Pole dweller for use in religious ceremonies?

    Santa's metal sentimental sacramental sediment.

  5. Slower is not necessarly safer. Aircraft are NOT automobiles. The least safe flight is one that is low and slow.

  6. I couldn't sit through 5 minutes of citation needed before because the close-ups were too much, but it's actually funny (having seen 6×01 and 6×02 now)

  7. So the whole Hobbs meter thing is a bit incorrect. The majority of all aircraft begin measuring Hobbs time when the engine starts based off a oil pressure switch. Modern Hobbs meters do not tell you your duration in the air. Older models may have, but I do not know much about that.

  8. Where can I donate and how much would it cost to get the TechDif crew to play Cards Against Humanity (or whatever offbrand equivalent of your choice)?

  9. On the Diamond Twinstar the Hobbs ran off the left engine so you could shut down the left engine and save money


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