1. Jack you seem like a great guy, and there are a million parts to being a great parent. Your kid seems confident and happy and that is a testament to you and your wife. But surely he should eat more healthily! You wouldn't give him cigarettes and cocaine so why keep pumping him full of a diet which is making him overweight!!!

  2. In the UK right now we have a festive burger from McDonalds but there's nothing special or different about it, just the usual burger, cheese , bacon etc, no cranberry or turkey, literally just a re- hash of all their other specials throughout the rest of the year.. Nice but a big disappointment compared to the burgers you guys can enjoy .. 🙁

  3. lol YO Maminator!! ha ha suprised thats not an error on my spell checker…Mmm Little Jacks burger looked clean, and was that onion rings? Big Jack, bout to have a heart attack. That burger man!! GODLY!!

  4. I can't have a burger with anything sweet in it, like pizza I can't STAND pineapple on it but alone it's very sweet and taste great. Cranberries I do not like at all too tart for me, you made a great video Jack love ya and your family!


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