1. i'd change it up a little….. of course i'd use the same bun and meat, but instead of putting all natural peanut butter, i'd just put skippy peanut butter for that extra crunch, then put jelly on top of the burger and then put hershey chocolate on top so it melts, and then put the bun on top… and that my friend would be a reccess butter cup/pb&j burger all in one

  2. Peanut butter is great, but jelly?

    Eh, I'd just go with a red wine reduction sauce from cooking the burger in a pan and developing a fond.

  3. Allen totally awesome job on the Slaters 50/50 Peanut Butter Jealously G.F. and I just to the Slaters in Rancho,awesome place great she wants me to make your 50/50 burger. where did you get those Artesian buns ? how is the corner butcher ? know about it, just never been there.lastly have you tried making Slaters bbq sauce that they serve with the fries ? Thank you ,Cris

  4. oh…my…god i can imagine how the flavors compliment each other. i wish i had a meat grinder for my kitchen aid! i am going to make this. keep up videos like this dude! subbed!!!

  5. The hardest part for me would be grinding a good ribeye steak into a burger , but I have to tell you my mouth was watering antcipating the flavors , im going to give it a try……!!!


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