1. Those webers are nice but pricey, i work at home depot and we had this brand called fire king with 5 burners, side burner and a side searing element for $199. The webers we sell are like 300-400 but you can def tell the built quality is superior, theyre built like tanks

  2. Just some insight, when you take something like angus beef and grind it you lose all the qualities of the meat and angus becomes more of a marketing term. The quality of angus is best left to a steak in its original form. That's why most burger meat are from chuck and mixed sirloin. Chuck for the fat and sirloin for flavor.

  3. Grilling outside may be the only way to make this product somewhat palatable. Pan-frying any kind or brand of burgers indoors is bad. These particular burgers were nauseating. I'd do better to make good old-fashioned meatloaf and serve up a slice on a bun. This product sucks.

  4. Sam's Choice has some great items. I never tried the burgers but the mac & cheese is incredible. I just did a review of that on my own youtube.

  5. "Natural Flavoring" can literally be "Beaver anal glands." Not to spoil the review but you really don't know what you're eating when they're not specific in the listed ingredients.


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