1. looks like u do most video's after finishing work at evening ! because the way u talk seems like ur hungry too like us ! yummy ! healthy recipes ! thx.

  2. Tried it, didn't really care for the lemon zest. Next time I'll make it without it. Other than that, very easy to make, and a good way to make the little salmon you had, go a long way.

  3. please share your recipe for homemade mayonnaise i would love it — i have made so many of your recipes and they always turn out super uber delicious

  4. YES i only have midterms during the morning tomorrow and i'm having salmon for dinner tonight. what a coincidence! totally making these tomorrow

  5. I like Salmon. I was wondering if you ever tried using your Teriyaki sauce on your Salmon cakes? I'm going to try it to see how it turns out…

  6. Hi, I love you presentation… I love Salmon Patties but I hate the canned salmon… all that skin and bones… I have to pick them out… You mentioned that at my local store in the fish section they have cooked salmon… I've call every major named store in Ohio and no one has any cooked salmon anywhere… Where do you bought cooked salmon…

  7. I know it's an old episode because it was 2013, but that baby pink nail polish in your salmon cake episode is absolutely beautiful. What color is that? And the brand name? It also is gorgeous on you, you should wear it more often, it truly suits you! Also just happened upon your CHANNEL this week but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your episodes! Especially the food because I'm a cook too, BUT THEN SHOES,makeup and beauty! Ahhh heaven! You are very relatable and REAL, keep up the great job!~FAITH GIRL


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