1. Thanks for posting this Greg. I may never nail a Rocky's burger at home, but following your instructions (low heat, loose ground, etc.) has helped me make burgers much better than I would have made.

  2. hi from phil. just want to have an advice i want to start a small business burger. what is the best recipe burger u can suggest? thanks and always be a blessing :)

  3. I always miss salt and pepper on a burger, i can immediately tell if someone doesn't season their meat its an absolute MUST for me.

  4. Hi Ballistic BBQ,
    I think it's safe to say that you've made your fair share of burgers – all of them look delicious. This makes me wonder: which burger was your favourite?
    Keep up the great videos.

  5. This place is my all time favorite.  I've been there half dozen times -only problem is the facility itself – too small!  Local crowd sometimes takes over and there is no priority on seating – its who-ever is the fastest to get to the seats just vacated – regardless of how long you've been waiting.  But, this is #1 burger – sooo juicy and tasty!

  6. PS that experience was at least 50 years ago. LOL But you spawned an amazing memory with your cheeseburger recipe, thank you.


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