1. Gonna edit this since you're really misinformed about our products. (I'm an Expo for a Red Robin) First you quoted the price for the BIG Buzz Mac (Which is one of our six oz patties on our normal bun with the same set as the double) Then you talked about that not being our normal bun… Well It IS our normal bun for our Petite sized and kid sized burgers.(Which is just a smaller version of our bun… Though we have changed bun providers but that was the higher ups, what are you going to do…) Also our normal burger DO NOT typically range from 12-14 dollars That's the Finest Line (Served on a black plate ) or normal burgers range from 9-13 (All Red Robin Burgers come with Bottomless Fries for Bottomless fun) Just throwing some information your way. I work hard everyday to sell quality food to people and I love our products so I'm willing to defend them. Not hating on you.. Cause this is one of the few Red Robin Burger reviews I've seen. Thanks for putting this out there.

  2. I had 1 of these today and added the onion straws, which pumped it up a bit, and also no tomato. What upset me the most about it was (the 1 thing you missed) that the patties in this look like McDonalds patties. I'll be going back to the Bleu Ribbon.

  3. It looks like a two-dollar burger. You could get multiple McD doubles with that price. You could make a Double Cheese Stack out of them.

  4. Ever since they opened this burger joint near me I cannot ever go back to non-grilled buns.
    It should be burger law that all buns are grilled before serving.

  5. the times when you do a video for a restaurant maybe just i don't know sneak record it inside of whichever restaurant to get a shot of what it looks like when it's not smashed in a box. It's just my opinion but then i know at that point it wouldn't be carBS lol.


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