1. You do realize fungus are much more like animals than they are like plants, right? And don't tell me that it's ok to eat them because they don't have a brain. There are animals that don't have a brain either like bivalves. So if someone gave you some New England clam chowder you would have no problem eating it, if that's the big thing.

  2. just for ur information, kimchi is not vegan. we put fish sauce or other salted seafood as seasoning. most of kimchi has them so better check them out

  3. How do you resist eating the middle of the mushroom after you detach it? Every time I break that part off I cannot resist eating it. Lol. Also I love kimchi too! One thing I've been doing with it lately is I'll toast a plain bagel, cut it in half, and instead of putting dairy free cream cheese I'll spread avocado over it and then top it off with kimchi.

  4. There are so many people who use the terms "guys and girls" or "brothers and sisters" but you consistently include people who are non-binary and I am so grateful for that. I love your videos and just the simple mention of non-binary people remind me that i always have your videos to watch and feel included. Thank you.


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