RD Lane Luxury Burger Press Non Stick Patty Molds Hamburger Maker Professional Aluminum Kitchen Tool For Bacon, Sausage and Hamburgers

  • This burger press is made from the best non-stick heavy duty aluminium material designed with grooves giving the burger patty a professional burger look and make perfectly shaped patties every time, uniform in size and shape
  • The burger press was created for the burger lovers! Create your own healthy homemade burgers for family and friends. It's is ideal for beef, chicken, turkey and vegetable burgers also be used to form crab cakes and appetizers.
  • Non stick surfaces help keep patties intact during removal, and speed cleanup as well. Wash all parts by hand in warm, soapy water for years of use. Detachable solid wooden handle saves storage space when going out for picnic or outdoor BBQ.It doesn't require any special maintenance and can simply be rinsed after use, or you can put them in your dishwasher in the cutlery holder.
  • The burger press meets FDA and LFGB standards which means your LifeStyle Deluxe hamburger maker is Food-Grade Compliant.
Size: Diameter 4.7 inches
Material: Aluminum Die Casting, includes a base and handled press plateThis product is High quality and food safety, Product surface is with paint coating
Enjoy the ease of use! You can choose according to your tastes kind meatloaf, thickness up to about 0.4 inch.
it is very easy for cleaning and take out for barbecue.
This product is not only Meatloaf mold, but also barbecue plate, can be heated directly on the fire / iron and other heating appliances


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    For spicy mayo.. just add those 3 more ingredients and you've made heaven sauce

  3. lol, the master showing all the young chefs how it's done. still the best cooking channel on youtube. nicely done, such work ethic.

  4. Nobody is going to buy an air frier. Ramsay's value is showing me how to cook things with normal kitchen tools. This is an infomercial. Disappointing.

  5. This is the only time I've ever heard him say Worcestershire sauce instead of Worcester… why is there that discrepancy between Brits and Americans? (I'm an American)


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