1. Hi Geoff, this sound awesome & definitely one for me as the original Big Mac is my favourite item on the menu anyway & I love anything chicken related. I hope it'll find it's way over to the UK, I doubt it as we have the dullest maccy d menu in the world that never ever really changes lol, you can always hope though. Great review as always. Our weather is super hot at the moment punctuated with heavy showers & storms..take care X

  2. Had this today more filling than a normal Big Mac more similar to the double Mac for that. I noticed less taste of the Big Mac sauce tho.

  3. I've always had the Big Mac but with chicken patties. Guess they actually made a chicken Big Mac officially lol

  4. We got the chicken Big Mac in New Zealand a while ago too, but not the cheeseburger fries.

    Yeah, you are getting more chicken than you would beef patty, they are using the McChicken Patty (About the same size as quarter pounder) which would explain the price too.

    A couple of years ago they did "Chicken Mac" in New Zealand that used smaller chicken patties and didn't even have Big Mac Sauce!

  5. Been waiting for this one. They stuffed mine up when I tried it so I'm happy to see your fries on this review. Great work Geoff Awesome to see you liked the burger too. Keep it up !!


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