1. i have watched a dozen videos this evening to see how the perfect juicy lucy is made.

    let me tell u one thing brother. you have made the PERFECT juicy lucy! i can honeslty say this is the first video where i was actually sold and will surely follow your steps tomorrow when i do it for my girl!

  2. Hihii, this burger is like a movie mash-up; you'll need a bigger bun, has an attack by a killer tomato and that's not a knife, THIS is a knife!

  3. you need to rename your title to ballistic burger and/or burgers, for what you cook is ONLY burgers and NO BAR-BE-QUE AT ALL !!!! mesquite wood is for bbqing NOT BURGERS.

  4. too much water in the filling components 🙁 . lightly chard bunns and toasted with a dash of butter. deseeded tomato slices , raw onion , a small bit of gerken . 30/70 pork beef mince mix


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