1. I worked there 12 years. Try this:  Take a small amount of beef liver and chop it up into the meat mix. Yes really. You have to let those dehy onions chill in the fridge for a day. The meat patties have to be frozen. Do not pre-heat a griddle. Turn on griddle as you put the cold onions and water on, place the frozen patties down side by side tightly. S & P the whole mass. Bun bottom on top of raw patty, then the top canted over 1/4 to the side. This will lock in the oniony steam. Let cook and cheese the burger when it is done.

  2. So good to see them recreated the right way, I agree the videos with adding peanut butter, baby food, etc is just ridiculous.

  3. I watched alot of diy white castle vds.I think yrs is the best.Great idea with putting the dried onions in water to rehydrate them…

  4. Put the meat in a zip lock gallon size baggy tool it out flat in the bag chill it like enough to cut squares & bahm!! Ez breezy

  5. I live in the home of White Castle… gotta give these a try!
    did you eat them all as you would with the originals?


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