1. When people tell me God put animals here for us and the bible says it's okay to eat them, I say, I didn't know meat eaters payed God directly to forcibly impregnate 60 billion land animals a year for human consumption while keeping most of them in cages. Did God also create whole continents of forest land to be cut down to grow crops for these same animals as well. Every time I protest I hear this statement at least 3 times

  2. Thanks. Years ago someone cooked me one of the best burgers Ive ever had. She used eggs and onions in the mix, but I cant remember what she did now, and I cant replicate it. Do you know her recipe, please?

  3. Take 2 spicy johnsonville bratwurst sausages and remove the skin. Pull apart the meat inside and mix thoroughly with 1lb of uncooked lean or extra lean ground beef. Use some of the meat to make two thin patties. Put some jalapeño jack cheese in the middle of one of the patties. Then place the other on top and press together the edges to seal the cheese in it's meat sarcophogus. You'll have tender spicy patties with gooey jally jack cheese in the centre. It's incredible.

  4. Sorry Chef, if I choose to use top grade AAA beef to make burgers my preference is to taste the beef. When choosing beef it makes absolutely no difference what cut you choose for grinding. 
    You couldn't tell beef tenderloin from chuck steak once it's put through the meat grinder, as a matter of fact you mentioned using sirloin, total waste of money, chuck steak is half the price but has much better flavour. 
    When I had my butcher shop I would take a variety of steaks home ( T-Bone, ribeye, tenderloin, top sirloin etc. ) when we had company for a BBQ.
    My preference on the old BBQ grill was eight ounces of beef chuck ( 20% fat content )  through the grinder once and charbroiled medium.
    Just a wee bit of coarse salt and freshly ground pepper then on the grill. Always felt that it was a pity that when using freshly ground beef people would douse it up with all kinds of flavourings and seasonings. Put the burger on a bun that contains sauce, lettuce, tomato, onions pickles etc. ,,,, the delicious flavour of prime beef is long gone !

  5. I don't want a salad in my burger.  You want a salad, put some lettuce between the cooked meat and the bun.  Keep it simple…meat…bun (if you insist)… and please don't tell me I have to take the bottle out of the sack before I drink it.

  6. after 1 min that's a meat loaf bye 2:49 stop doing that the meat should not be packed with your  hand that hard no matter what. I don't like that.


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