1. Julia, I've never seen frozen kebab meat before. I'm thinking that it isn't available in the US. Nevertheless, lamb gyro-type meat is easy enough to make at home. I know because that's what I made for my soon-to-be-published video. Your burger is made only more awesome by cheddar and sour cream! Mmm! Great job!

  2. Nice, crispy, spicy, and tasty . . . all rolled into one! Great job as usual, Julia! 🙂 Thanks so much, and thumbs up as always for you, your Pyramid-loving Pal, Norfolk Joe xoxx

  3. Hi, Julia. That burger looks absolutely gorgeous. I am amazed at how well your recipes have progressed. You are really inspiring and influential with your cooking. I really love your desserts and your collaboration with Tom from OldManCooking. Have a lovely weekend, Julia. 🙂


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