1. BASTARD STOP WACHING PORN BC THOSE SOUNDS IS HORIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  2. should change the name of the title to how to make a cheese burger cuz that's all this is. people come here cuz they want the same as McDonald's.

  3. This video is clearly a joke everyone in the comment section are dumb fucks if they seriously think this guy is serious. Love the video funny as shit

  4. .                                                                                                                   EARTHLINGS — Documentary

  5. Bahahaha…as an American, I say YOU ARE AMAZING! This was hilarious and down right gold when you used the american accents. Yeah, AMERICAN MUSTARD!!!!!!! AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha…epic. Don't let snowflakes get ya down. Honestly, people lack good ole' senses of humor anymore.

  6. How can so many people talk THAT much shit about this guy's burger video? It's a LOT of hate, more than usual. It's just a fun video about making a burger like a McDonald's burger… For people who go to McDonald's and maybe want to try making a burger. The restaurants in my area make thick burgers, and he shows to flatten the burger, hell, he went over the whole thing in like 5 minutes. That's good for someone who doesn't cook, it's a quick demo on how to do it, and it's not confusing… So why all the hate? I never cook, but I might try it because I watched this video.

  7. Couple of tips chap, season the patty heavily with salt and pepper as it cooks, try and get hold of dried chopped onions, rehydrate them in a bowl (its what McD use) and when the burger is all assembled wrap it in greaseproof paper and give it 10 seconds in the micro to 'meld' as McD's say.


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