Ground Beef Cooking Dude Cookbook; World's Best Meatloaf Recipe and Other Favorite Economical Meals

This cookbook contains original ground beef and hamburger recipes by the Cooking Dude. These are economical meals that are easy to fix, and many of them are good enough for company. Recipes include meat loaf, Stroganoff, stuffed bell peppers, tamale pie, and many others. Exotic or hard-to-find ingredients are not used, and methods are taught as they are needed. The Cooking Dude cook books are great for beginners that are learning to cook, as well as experts looking for new, creative recipes.

The Anatomy of a Hamburger | XL Heathered Royal T-Shirt

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The anatomy of a basic cheeseburger colored type style. Heathered Royal T-Shirt XL


  1. Try 80% lean and 20% fat and give each patty a good spurt of Lea & Perrin's on both sides
    along with salt and pepper, thats how I do it…….
    Works good in a skillet…….. but I really like it cooked over charcoal and wood chunks if possible!

    Love your videos and recipes!


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