1. One of my make-at-home favorites. A ripoff nearby coffee shop charges $14.95 for a BLT on sourdough! Fries or onion rings are $2.75 extra. The only difference is they add 2 razor-thin slices of avocado. So thin you can't even taste them.

  2. You like burgers like me. pink or red in the middle. Best way to eat them. Eating them well done ruins the texture and the taste.

  3. Yum… looks great Jim! I didn't know May was national burger month. Good thing I made on for dinner tonight, mine wasn't as good looking as your patty melt though.

  4. Another great video.Love the mayo instead of butter can't wait to try this out! How come every time you release a video I have to go the store? lol

  5. Every time I cook a burger from frozen it always comes out dry. I usually put it in a zip lock bag and leave it in water for a bit just to thaw out. That burger looked pretty good.


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