1. This recipe reminded me of my Grandma. She's still alive don't get me wrong, I remembered a story she told me. She (my mom's mom) met my Grandpa (my Dad's dad) so In-laws I guess. She made chili. Instead of a tea spoon, she used a wooden spoon of cayenne pepper and served it to him. He was DRIPPING sweat the poor man but he insisted on eating the super hot chili. He said it was delicious despite the amount of peppers

  2. Happy Easter,That look good.I would love to eat my chili like Ms.Smarty Pants,cheese please. Sending LOVE from Houston ,Texas.

  3. YIKESSSS this looks good I am gonna make this I HATE BEANS LOL soooooo gonna the 2nd vs. and make it thick for french fries 😚😘😙!!! glad that your hubby is doin Much better!!

  4. You do yo thang errtime u step in dhat kitchen!! yo chilli lookin all scrumptious.. thanks 4 sharing.. also thanks so much 4 sharing that love! and tell Ms Smarty pants what's up! still praying 4 Mr. Lion King y'all be bless.

  5. that look's sooooo good.and yes corn bread will be so good or some crackers..blessings to u and family.and happy easter to u all.

  6. Love my jalapenos…made jalapeno cheese grits for breakfast this morning….I was craving chili, but the weather warmed up, so I baked some cod (with a citrus butter sauce) and fixed a monster pot of rice…..

    I like your chili recipe because it contains ingredients I have on hand, in one form or another, although I can't find those big cans of Rotel at my store (i just add hot peppers to regular tomatoes)…Wherever you're from, it must be fine…….I missed your video last Saturday, so gotta play catch up…Peace Out , Love, and Blessings

  7. Hi Carliss! Yes, my sister/cousin I'm working on it. Thank you for the shout out! The chili looks delicious! I sho' do love a good chili! And, you and your daughter had me cracking up when she started laughing heartily about her sneezing. FUNNY! I'll be reaching out to you. Love ya'll!


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