6 in 1 Third Pound Burger Pro Press and Store | BPA Free Silicone

  • GET PERFECT SIZE PATTIES EVERY TIME: it's time to say goodbye to undersized or irregular shaped burger patties. Burger Pro will dish up six perfectly sized 1/3 pounder patties. All you need to do is supply the contents!
  • MAKES SIX 1/3 lb PATTIES: each cup will make a perfectly round patty, 3.5" wide and 0.75" deep - the perfect size for making large juicy patties that will be at home even in a super sized bun. Want thinner patties? No problem: just fill the cups only 2/3 full!
  • SUPER VERSATILE: can be used to make patties with your choice of mix, from beef to veggie, chicken to fish. Each compartment can also hold 2/3 cup of your favourite stew, soup or sauce making it a perfect solution for your portion control needs.
  • EASY TO STORE: at 12"x9" Burger Pro is compact and stackable so will store easily in your freezer, refrigerator or cooler and is fully portable, so delicious burger patties are ready whenever you are!
  • SAFE: Burger Pro is 100% Dishwasher Safe, Food Grade Silicone. There are no moving parts so it's safe for kids to get involved in the fun too! BPA Free and comes with Kitchen Logic's Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.
Burger Pro patty press from Kitchen Logic now makes it easy to prepare the meatiest chunkiest burgers for your next cookout or BBQ. Treat your guests to the delicious 3rd Pound burgers, the way they're supposed to be! Preparation couldn't be easier - in 5 easy steps you can instantly make 6 large 1/3 lb burger patties ready to get on the grill or in the pan:

1. Whip up 2 lbs of your favourite mix: ground beef, chicken, veggies - the choice is yours!
2. Divide into six equal balls and
Price: $ 49.99


  1. im from NZ, spent quite a few months in SD about 11 years ago. I absolutely loved Hodads.their attention to detail and dedication to creating an awesome burger made a firm favourite.keep up the good work Greg.

  2. Didn't know you were a fellow sd local. Where are y'all based? Love your channel! You should do the slaters 50/50 burger btw

  3. I´ve seen most of your videos and I like it a lot. Please try out my cheeseburger versionI lost 70 lbs by eating one of ´em every day… Thank you. (recipe here on yt – "Cheeseburger diet"))

  4. rip big bossman he was awsome !

    i had a feeling you were from san diego 
    out here watchin you in clairemont! 
    great burger man the videos are awsome

  5. So been watching your channel for awhile actually. a couple years now. I know you do burgers now mostly but in st. Louis we have a place called the iron barley. They have a Monte Cristo hotdog they did on man vs food. Like to see you do your version. On your weber flat top. Think it would make for a great episode. What ya think.

  6. Greg, I discovered Ballistic BBQ last night and stayed up till 4 am watching! I already ordered the UMAI Dry bags! Anyhow, is there a place I can find written versions of these burger recipes? I want to try almost all of them.


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