1. im from NZ, spent quite a few months in SD about 11 years ago. I absolutely loved Hodads.their attention to detail and dedication to creating an awesome burger made a firm favourite.keep up the good work Greg.

  2. Didn't know you were a fellow sd local. Where are y'all based? Love your channel! You should do the slaters 50/50 burger btw

  3. I´ve seen most of your videos and I like it a lot. Please try out my cheeseburger versionI lost 70 lbs by eating one of ´em every day… Thank you. (recipe here on yt – "Cheeseburger diet"))

  4. rip big bossman he was awsome !

    i had a feeling you were from san diego 
    out here watchin you in clairemont! 
    great burger man the videos are awsome

  5. So been watching your channel for awhile actually. a couple years now. I know you do burgers now mostly but in st. Louis we have a place called the iron barley. They have a Monte Cristo hotdog they did on man vs food. Like to see you do your version. On your weber flat top. Think it would make for a great episode. What ya think.

  6. Greg, I discovered Ballistic BBQ last night and stayed up till 4 am watching! I already ordered the UMAI Dry bags! Anyhow, is there a place I can find written versions of these burger recipes? I want to try almost all of them.


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