1. There are so many problem with this and his method of cooking. First u cook a burger 4-5 min each side and u can flip a burger more than once. It has actually been proven that flipping a burger more than once actually provides a more evenly cooked burger also notice that he lets it rest for 1 min then he cuts it and u can see all the juices spill out meaning that he did not rest it long enough. Every real chef that know what there doing will tell u when u rest a burger do not place it on the bun to rest ,and to let it rest between 3-5 min before cutting into it so it retains it juices and flavor. Now all we need is someone to send this kid back to school because he knows absolutely fuck all about cooking!

  2. Did these people sleep through 1993, when Jack in the Box killed 3 kids and hospitalized over 700 folks with undercooked burgers? This a seriously stupid video and a retarded "Chef"

  3. i understand medium rare, but u can see the instant color change, a medium rare burger is supposed to have a gradual color change and this is still raw, not correctly "pinked"

  4. This is a medium rare burger. I eat these all the time. They are delicious. The only thing he did wrong was putting it on the bun to rest. You let it rest on some towels on a plate for a minute and THEN transfer it to a bun. That prevents the bun from becoming soggy. Other than that, this is perfect.


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