1. Made these tonight. Super amazing. Fluffy and hold their shape veryyy well. The store-bought ones crumble very easily and dont have much flavor. This is a true hamburger bun!!! thanks chef John. You never seize to surprise me.

  2. Made these the other day for a birthday and they were the most amazing, soft, filling Buns I had ever tasted

  3. Made the buns for the first time using you recipe and the dough come 100%: No need to adjust more flour. The result was spectacular and the buns came from the oven just gorgeous. Good thing that I saw to use the upper rack to get the golden brown. Thx a lot. No more buns from the store.

  4. I don't typically don't use dry yeast, as I have several different sourdough starters with different flour. Could I use an all purpose-fed yeast and expect the same flavor?

  5. The problem I had here in Austria with not finding decent buns (or any) might be solved 👍. Will try it out soon

  6. I love this hamburger bun how-to, but the riboflavin and whole grains warning made me LMFAO. Absolute gold. Subscribing.


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