1. Great video Malcom. I got my Kettleman for Father's Day last year, and I absolutely love it! Just smoked a boneless turkey breast on it yesterday, for Thanksgiving. Turned out moist, juicy, and tons of flavor. Easily on of the best grill/smokers I've ever owned. Love your channel, please keep up the great work. Thanks.

  2. What's your true opinion on the Kettleman? if you really liked it, how come you haven't used it in videos that followed this?

  3. Hi Malcom, thanks for the review on the Char-Broil Kettleman and Grilled Portabella Burgers. Great idea….need to try them out! UPS delivered my Kettleman yesterday with free shipping from Lowe's. Grilling porterhouse steaks tonight! :)

  4. Thanks, Malcolm  🙂   I really miss being able to cook on my beloved Weber grill, but this one has some nice features such as that grilling grate.   Burgers came out super as well   🙂  Thumbs up as always,   Norfolk Joe

  5. Neat looking grill but it's going to be tough going up against the Weber One-Touch 22.5 Silver Kettle at $99.00.

  6. Cheesus, those look good. I use my Char-Broil grill year-round and I've had it since about 1994. They build good products for the money. If it ever kicks the bucket, I'll buy another.

  7. Now thats a nice grill… But those burgers look even nicer.

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