1. I made them, and they were mushy, I had to add flour in the mixture to keep it together but the taste was good those capers really gave flavor, I use shallots instead of onion

  2. Just made these.

    They were great! Lovely flavour, and melt-in-the mouth texture. Follow his tip about not overcooking – enough to brown both sides, but no more, and you will avoid the common problem with salmon that it can become too dry. I also followed his advice to rest the mixture in the refrigerator, which makes the patties easier to form and less likely to disintegrate in the pan. There is no binding agent (e.g. beaten eggs) with this recipe, which means you need to get the consistency of the mix just right. After forming the patties, I lightly sprinkled with flour to give a nice crisp coating.

    I've made fish cakes before with cooked salmon (+ mashed potato and beaten egg to bind). For taste and texture, these are in a different league.

  3. I'm allergic to an ingredient in Old Bay (coriander), is there an alternative or blend of spices you would recommend?

  4. '
    ohh love to eat salmon burger…
    put on any flavor sauce or creamy sauce or garlic powder or wasabi sauce…
    also cooked with rice…
    goood tastey


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