1. I don't understand how come some people put up such rubbish recipe online and call it bigmac or some other super brands copy.

    the damn guy is not even putting any seasoning or proper sauces. is that what we get at brand stores? crap?

  2. Five Guys have the most flavorless, worthless burgers in my city. Even McDonald's has a superior tasting burger, how sad is that? I used to go get it because they would let me get the fries well done… but then one day, they told me they couldn't do that.

    Never been back. Their fries are worse than their burgers if they are cooked normally.

  3. dude ya holding ya burger wrong! the top of the bun is thickest so always hold that side down to soak up the juices. stops it falling apart and keeps it tasty

  4. Ive had a "Five Guys Burger" I was not impressed. You want a great burger? Take 1/2 lb of 80-20 beef & roll it into a meat ball & place it between 2 sheets of wax paper, press down on it with a pyrax pie plate so you can see what your doing. Keep pressing until you get a even 1/3 inch burger. The burger will be about 6 to 7 inches wide, Dont worry, It wont stay that way. Heat up a cast iron fry pan on high heat & put peanut oil in it. Drop in the burger. As it cooks it will shrink in with but grow in thickness, After 2 minuets flip it. After another 2 minuets it is done. You will have the Juiciest burger in the world.
    Hint, never press down on a burger while its cooking.


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