1. The saturated fat getting worked into breast mince is a only crossed by brilliant minds. I tried it with refined coconut oil in the past and I did not regret it. Next I am giving ghee a go.

  2. Hey man, the recipe looks good and all, but you were too redundant with those "it's up to you" bits… It's obvious it's up to you cooking, saying it once it's still fine, nonetheless I don't even want to bother to count all the times I heard it

  3. OMG i just made this burger and it's the best burger I've eaten ever. Thank you so much beer bicpes for giving such good recipes evertime

  4. thankyou so so much for the recipe.. I have been making these burgers as a cheat meal every week and i just love them.. Makes me look forward to the weekend :)… Would be great if you could make videos on some other cheat meals too xxx

  5. Hey awesome work !!!! can you please come up with the high protein low carb recipies that can be prepared by hostel students considering we students have electric kettle only as a cooking means ….!!!!!

  6. but body can only absorb no more than 30gm of protein at a time , that's why  bodybuilders take around 6-7 meals a day to reach 200gm of protein , anymore than 30g your body is pooping it out !!


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