1. most of the stuff these guys have don are old school to me and my family, why dony u guys try making stuffed burgers, u make 2 slim beef patties for one burger, then u put your onion and cheese and bacon and mushrooms and seel bothe beef patties together and then bar-b-q. and if u do use my way, u have to do a shout out to me for the burgers.

  2. Hey bbqweb! Love your channel, learn a lot from you guy's! I just have one question, what is the instrumental song starting at 3:51? I really like it! Thanks guys! Keep grilling!

  3. You are some good chefs of the doom riders pit. id love to hang out and eat some bang burgers. and shoot some turkey and roast em up with some Mexican spicy cheese rice and grandmas butter gravy bacon biscuits and some homemade crispy triple cheese max and cheese and sliced Frank's. would mind a meatball sirloin steak um triple cheese meatball frenchfry turkey sub

  4. This Burger recipe was an awe inspiring delicious inspiration for a summer meal, thank you so much. I loved the thin pounded burger!


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