Wicked Good Burgers: Fearless Recipes and Uncompromising Techniques for the Ultimate Patty

Wicked Good Burgers ain't your daddy's patty on a bun. The upstart Yankee team that revolutionized barbecue with their upset win at the Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational turns their talents to burgers.

Wicked Good Burgers fearlessly incorporates new techniques, inspirations, and ingredients to take the burger to the next level - whether it's the Meatloaf Burger on Pretzel Bread with Cabernet Mustard or the Island Creek Burger with Oysters and homemade cocktail sauce.
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50 Fast Food Recipes
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  1. It is obvious he prefers meat well done… I also don't like meat puck style burgers… a thinner patty is more my style… now, completely disagree with the egg add-on. good meat needs no binding… you dont have enough fat there… that's all. good effort, though.

  2. That bit with the onions at the end was rather sloppy… a couple full rings for each burger would have been better…

  3. Pam spray is cool.
    Why do you have to go all Donald Trump on the grill and use a half can of the stuff?
    There is an ozone layer. And common sense. And the directions on the can!


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