1. Aussie burger from melbourne 30 years ago, bottom to top:
    Bottom bun toasted
    Top Bun toasted and sauced

  2. I think just having the right meat for the burger, unadulterated makes for much better meat flavour, then adding all of the odds and ends after. I have tried a few different ways of grilling burgers and really, to me it's all about the meat. Not like it was years ago where stretching the meat was a thing – adding breadcrumbs, eggs all of that. A thing of the past. Though having said that, I would like to taste this burger. Not enthused by the cheese filled burger in a different video on this channel. Squirt!

  3. yeaaaah…. where is the beet! Come on mate… this isn't a TRUE BLUE burger with the lot…. you have tamed it big time being the AUSSIE GRILLER! turn it up mate bloody hell!

  4. This is NOT an Aussie burger with the lot.
    1.An Aussie burger with the lot also has beetroot(can beat an egg,but can't beat a root) & pineapple.
    2.An aussie burger is served with either tomato or bbq sauce.. Mayonaise?wtf?
    3.the onions are either in the patty or cooked seperate on the plate,not both.
    Normally the patty,onion,cheeze,egg,pineapple ar assembled on the grill plate while the salad ingredients are assembled on a half of the bun….look,i'll just leave it there.Maybe i'm too picky?

  5. Man, now that's an Aussie Burger! I do agree with other comments. where is the beetroot and pineapple? I do know this is a basic recipe though… And I much prefer bbq sauce instead of tomato, it's much nicer and sweet/sour which adds more flavor then tomato sauce, that's the way I was brought up to do while ordering one of these from any fish and chip shop! I'm a bit lazy to cook one right now, I might walk down to my local fish and chip shop to get one! Your videos make me hungry every time!


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