1. hii faiza.. m a big fan of urs.. ur dishes come out very delicious n yummy… I tried almost all ur recipes… me n my family really enjoy it

  2. AoA Faiza Aunty ..Thank u soo much for ur lovely dishes i hv tried alot of them so many cakes and rice and karahi they worked really well ..every one loved it 🙂 .I have one question I am making these buffalo beef burgers tonight..Can i skip honey in the recipe ?

  3. salaam thank you for prompt response:) i did not see the quantity of each herb in the mixed herbs in your recipe? it doesn't say how much of each and what herbs. Thanks!

  4. Well done ma shaa Allah as always…can we make thm with goat mince or chicken mince also…or Wat will honey give it a taste is it kind of sweety bite? 


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