1. From Ireland …. You guys really need to drop this Pattys day bullshit……. ITs PADDYS DAY when its shortened not fuckin pattys day

  2. Ah yes, a lovely bunch of traditional Irish foods, in patty melt form, for St Paddy's Day…

    Corned Beef – Not Irish
    Marbled Rye – Not Irish
    Ketchup – Not Irish
    Swiss Cheese – Not Irish
    Fried Egg – Not Irish
    Saurkraut – Not Irish
    Onion Rings – Not Irish
    Vodka – Not Irish

    The most Irish thing in this mess is the whiskey, but I'm not even sure that counts as Irish anymore seeing as Jameson has been owned by the French since 1988.
    I'm thinking he should have just dyed the whole thing green in the end just to make it perfect, because as we all know, the color green is "real real Irish", just like the fried egg.

  3. Americans, please stop calling our St.Patricks Day, Pattys Day. The short or irish term for Patrick is Paddy. So we call it Paddys Day.

  4. Shit,… There's more Sound Effects, Camera Tricks and more fabricated & bloated dramatic bullshit here than Hell's Kitchen !… Now THAT'S a big statement 😉

  5. Dont get me wrong…love the burger lab…some tasty burgers and its entertaining….but does he have to add ketchup to EVERYTHING!?  He have shares is the international sales of all ketchups or something?

  6. What's up with some people here talking shit on this burger saying it's not a good idea this and that? What is wrong with you people… Enjoy life man.. jeesus buddha christ.. 

  7. What the fuck kind of nasty-ass patty melt do you eat that has puke dressing and sauerkraut on it?

    A patty melt is super fuckin' simple: Swiss cheese, butter-sauteed onions and a beef patty between two slices of Jewish rye, buttered and grilled like a grilled cheese. Nothing else necessary… or allowed.

  8. Irish ?… A Leprechaun is gonna kick you in the nuts for this Richard 😉
    Corned Beef = NOT Irish, Rye Bread = NOT Irish, Sauerkraut = NOT Irish, Vodka = NOT Irish, Ketchup = NOT Irish, Swiss Cheese = I'll let you guess this one 🙂

  9. I'm Irish – not quite sure where you were going with the whole "fried egg is really Irish" thing, but that burger looks tasty as fuck


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