1. ooh a dramatic one i love it 😀 Idk why I've never thought of adding cheeze as a binder – great idea. Can't wait to make these!

  2. This burgers mix is delicious but the cooking process is fucking GROSS, is there a way to cook it so the outer coating of the burger is not so like charcoal? No matter how long or short you cook this burger it seems to be a char patty it's really gross I had like 8 attempts and i guess it's suppose to just be this gross……..

  3. I tried these and they tasted great but they didn't hold together in the pan. Can someone give me some advice?

  4. I did the recipe, it was good, but it fell apart. It was not holding tight, like mixer was too juicy. So, I drained it the second time, but it was still too juicy??? What am I doing wrong. BUT IT TASTE TOOOO GOOD!!! THANKS

  5. Man idk why this guy isn't all over YouTube his recipe was delicious and it was so fun to watch, this is my first "episode" or video he's made but I hope he has a story going on

  6. I've been looking for a great vegan burger recipe & came across this 😊…thank you so much it looks easy to make & I will definitely give it a try 👍


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