1. First of all, Thank you so much, this is the tastiest burger recipe I've found / made by far,
    with a nice smokey / burnt flavor, and extremely good until the last bit…

    Second, people commenting… Just stop complaining and blaming others who enjoy
    eating eggs
    Please, just start raising your own chicken, then they're won't be any cruelty.

    Also if you are HERE, then you kind of ENJOY eating meat RIGHT…….. ??

    Vegans are quite stubborn sometimes. Why don't they just go annoy smokers or alcoholics
    and give us some break them trolls

  2. On no !!!! EGGS! Whats the point of not eating meat them eating eggs. Millions of male chicks have been killed and fed to the females to make those eggs!

  3. That egg was produced by cruelty and abuse more than likely. Vegetarians are dumb if they think eating dairy and eggs doesn't contribute to environmental negativity, artificial scarcity or poverty, and continuation of violating the rights of animals.

  4. it's the best meatless burger I have ever made thank you so much it makes me feel like I can skip meat if vegetarian food  is this god and it's high in protein thank you.

  5. I'm trolling your video lol lol lol lol lol lol lol +Pigette Incest +Lazy Green +KidBehind ADildo +Doug (Pigette Incest's Step Dad)

  6. I'm seriously wondering what people are expecting with the egg, there is literally a suggestion in the description to replace the egg, stop crying about the egg, it's just an egg, no one said you have to eat the egg or drink the milk, no one is holding a gun to you or your loved ones to eat the things you don't want.

  7. If you don't use eggs just use 1T fine ground flax to 3T cold water, mix and let it sit and gell for a few minutes before adding it to your mixture. Also this recipe probably doesn't really require milk (cow or otherwise)

  8. Please look at the description before complaining about there being an egg and milk in this VEGETARIAN burger.


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