4 Quarter Pound Maryland Crab Cakes - Chicago Steak Company - PSG24

  • These are the real deal, not "Maryland style" or "Maryland recipe" but true, legendary, 100% Maryland crab cakes.
  • Unmatched Quality of one of the Finest Brands in the Business
  • Make the best gifts that will be remembered long after a delicious meal
  • The presentation matches the flavor
  • Every Order is Individually Registered with its Own Unique Registration Number
Sweet lumps of Atlantic crab surrounded by all natural ingredients - it's no wonder these full quarter pound crab cakes are a customer favorite! Made from the classic recipe, this quarter pound crab cake is crafted by hand using 100% domestic US blue crab meat. No imported crab meat. We add only as much filler as necessary to hold the lumps together and insist on premium ingredients at every turn. These are the real deal, not "Maryland style" or "Maryland recipe" but true, legendary, 100% Maryla
List Price: $ 94.95 Price: $ 94.95


  1. You are not going to believe this but I went to make these last night and I blew up the grill! It caught on fire and had to be put out with an extinguisher! So I didn't get to try them, but the potato skins turned out delicious! I'm going to check the cameras and see if I can get some video of what happened – It's too funny (now that all is okay, but not at the time) :)

  2. What a neat idea with the chips! My husband would love this! I'm going to make him this and see if he knows what in them – thank you! :)


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