1. Love your channel… you 2 are a great looking couple, funny and great teachers oh and great music too…just subscribed … TFS :0)

  2. are you aiming for your maximal potential when it comes to mass? or do you want to maintain your weight and size as it is?

  3. You both make me smile, cause you guys are so cute together.
    burgers looks so yummy can't wait to give it try.
    is it a cup of Brazil nuts, a cup of pumpkin seeds and a cup of flax?

  4. I'm not vegan but my girl is so I tend to eat a lot of vegan meals and I'm heading in that direction. I'm actually really glad I found this Channel. You keep it simple, you don't try to church it up and present it as more then it is. Respect man! Keep it up, respek!

  5. Honest Question: Do vegans breastfeed there baby's? It would make sense that they do, but at the same time it would seem that they wouldn't because its dairy, could someone plz explain?

  6. Hey guys

    Big love from Ipswich 👍🏻

    I love watching you guys your amazing together!!

    I am wanting to adapt a vegan diet & try a more plant based diet, I suffer from ms & want to mix in yoga with a vegan diet.


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